What a joke! 


How the fuck do you replace one person with another? How the fuck!

Is there a manual for it? An sop? Some sort of documentation.

Because no one comes close!!!!!!! 

Ajeeb baqwas hai yeh

Why the fuck you even continue to exist, how many people do you want to disappoint more?

Tell me fucker? 

Can you please fucking disappear?




And to.think

That I thought

That a joke 

Like me

Could ever



What a fucking joke

.. w

All three of us know what you had done before you decided to wear this .. mask.

Before you came close to her 

Which by the way was only at your end

Since it’s obvious it was only you.

Before you thought that it was safe

You never know

Maybe tonight is the night

Your wish come true

So always

Always pray before going to bed


One day inshAllah.

The sooner the better