Best year eu

Here I am


Out of a meeting

Which took an hour

In which I confessed that the latest issues 

Was due to my incompetence

Once again

Just like the previous 5 issues 

That occurred this year

That makes it six

Or maybe seven

I don’t know

Im fucked anyway

Let’s see 

Funny thing is

I was so sure I was right


If only I do the work for which I’m paid for

If only

But no

Random baqwas

Is the only thing I’m good at

And making a fool of myself

Well fucking played son

Well fucking played

One of these days you will be fired

And all of these pride..


Should not exist

People like me

Should fucking not

But we do

So that people will realize what they have lost

And they can have a low level to compare to

I wonder


10th October



But never fucking again

I remember 

It all

Maybe uss ke baduwa hai

But to think that she would ever 

Thought about someone like me

Is a joke as well

Like please bro

We should exist in a different reality

Where people doesn’t necessarily stick in your face that how bad you are

That how unworthy you are

Of this

And everything


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