a dog

that is what he was

who went after the ball

because it looked cool

too afraid to actually tackle the players

because he was afraid

afraid of losing face

afraid of not being able to get it

because he was indecisive

because he knew he didn’t had the body strength

because he just wanted to die

instead of having to lose face

they punished him again & again

but he tried it again & again

he should have just given up

that was the logical thing to do

but no

he didn’t

what foolishness

i swear

he hated him

hated his guts

hated himself for trying to do this

CDM was clearly not his position

yes he had good stamina

yes he could run after the ball all the time

but this

this clearly wasn’t working out

and it effected his other skills

his non-existent other skills


this sucks.

better work hardddd!


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