22nd May

Its 15th of Shaban tomorrow night. What are you planning to do about it? Nothing? Afterall you never got the time to research stuff. Lets ignore it for tomorrow. Its better to stay away from biddat’s and honestly, get a grip on yourself. I don’t like him. Yup, I always thought he was a part of me, like there were only two of us but no sir. He is here as well. But then again, its the two of us now, we can surely do this & he is only one, at least for the time being. Aye aye, I know you are weak but its going to be okay. Didn’t I say we are two. We can defeat him, 40 days, that is it and by the end of Ramadan we will  So we need a plan, its your duty to keep me occupied during the prayer timings rather that won’t do. There is something else we should do. Fine, let me list it down.

  1. Namaz
  2. Tahajuud
  3. Quran
  4. Zikar
  5. Memorizing the Quran
  6. Darse-Nizami

For the rest, I will take over namely.

  1. Books
  2. Exercise
  3. Food
  4. Job
  5. Soccer

He doesn’t serve any purpose anyway. It will be fine. We just have to outpower him. I know your foundations aren’t very strong but please remember, it was just the two of us in the start. Remember, yes, when we were young. She just brought it out again, fine what we were doing can be included in zina but Allah knows what was your neeyat and the same can be said about her so it is fine. Point being, this nature of yours that you think you fabricated to please her is not what you think it is, THIS IS YOU. You were like this. Thank her that she brought it out of you again. It has to stay, I need you, just like you need me.

Forget the problems for now – Ramazan is coming up and you stuff to do before that, right? We need to wrap things up & control ourselves, enough is enough.



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