Its natural that kids get the traits or habits from the environment they grow in

Tell me what qualities do you have if you ever get married to her and become a father?

  1. hardworking
  2. sporty
  3. gamer
  4. reader

and the negative ones now ..

  1. self doubt
  2. inferiority complex
  3. escapist
  4. stammer-er
  5. sinner
  6. control freak
  7. sadist
  8. Misanthrope
  9. self-hatred
  10. schizophrenic
  11. depression
  12. bipolar

to name a few

do u want kids to grow up with these

no kid should ever have these

or should be put have a father who is like this

that is how damaged kids are born

that is how society is destroyed

what a joke you are my friend.


yes we. doesn’t matter though :p


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