What to look in a woman whom you want to marry – Hadith

It is said by Hazart Muhammad (PBUH) that women may be married for four things
1. Wealth
2. Beauty
3. Lineage
4. Religious commitment

Okay that brought the question in my mind that what about the man? What can he be married for? Shouldn’t these four things be thought for the man as well by the khatoon. Lets say that they should be. Where would we stand when compared to her.

1. Wealth – Not even near – The difference will only grow with time.
2. Beauty – Beauty vs the beast & I am not even exaggerating over here.
3. Lineage – The ancestor – Yes, once again no comparison, miles ahead.
4. Religious Commitment – She was/is the one due to whom I started praying & reading quran.

Yes – it is obvious that she needs to leave. There is someone out there who is better than her in all of the above points and has other good qualities as well. Someone who deserves her & that someone is not you. Someone who is doing stuff for the sake of Allah and not because so that Allah would bless him with a good wife. You on the other hand is doing stuff so that Allah writes her in your fate or ties you guys together.

Fine – we had dreams – fine we saw her – and yes it was after the istikhara’s but who knows why was it so. Maybe it was done by shaitan? Maybe the result you got was valid for that time.




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